What would Jason do?

Tracey Louise Wright was adept at hiding her mental health struggles so the scariest first step for her was reaching out. As she waited anxiously to see a counsellor for the first time, she utilized her love for movies and asked herself, “What would Jason do?”

“Jason, who?” you might ask.

You’ll have to read her story to find out.

Mental health stigma in the emergency room

“I expect some stigma from people who don’t know better, from everyday people who’ve never walked my path, or anything that resembles my path. It doesn’t make it right, but I still know to expect it. There are people who think my child makes suicide attempts just to get attention. There are people who think my child is just spoiled and babied. They don’t live with her pain, a pain so deep, the only relief she sees is death.

But I never expected to be slapped in the face with mental health stigma from health care workers.