Mental Health Stigma in the Emergency Room

“I expect some stigma from people who don’t know better, from everyday people who’ve never walked my path, or anything that resembles my path. It doesn’t make it right, but I still know to expect it. There are people who think my child makes suicide attempts just to get attention. There are people who think my child is just spoiled and babied. They don’t live with her pain, a pain so deep, the only relief she sees is death.

But I never expected to be slapped in the face with mental health stigma from health care workers.

Watch out for the Mongo Bongos

A compelling story by Paul Illidge about his experience with his charismatic mother who spent years in and out of psych wards. Paul came to call her behavior that verged on psychotic as “The Mongo Bongos”. When about to enter a seniors home and worried that her psychiatric history might prevent them from accepting her, he asked her to be on her best behavior. Read more to find out what happened next. It left me shocked when I first read it.

Living with OCD

When people hear the term “OCD” they often do not visualize the internal battle, the root of the rituals and the fixations. They don’t visualize the torment that leads people to say things repeatedly, to write things repeatedly, and to turn lights off and on repeatedly, in order to achieve a sense of relief from the responsibility of ensuring that something is done “just right”. To quiet the anxiety of doom. Shana Herron wants to shed light—to pull back the curtain–on this aspect of obsessive compulsive disorder. She wants to reveal her struggle.