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FEATURE IMAGE the anxiety guyWritten by Dennis Simsek

I am a professional tennis player who suffered for six years during the prime of my career with increasing anxiety levels that depleted my energy, relationships and finances. My anxiety, mainly due to my fear of being judged while engaged in social interactions, heightened my inability to put the necessary time into my ‘phenomenal gift’ (which was what my overzealous father and coach coined my aptitude for tennis) for playing and teaching as a professional. I was utterly exhausted by the anxiety and was very literally at the end of my rope. I was contemplating suicide. It was from that point of no return that I found an answer.

Embodying some hope, I began to compile information on a scientifically proven natural approach to this issue. With consistent effort and incredible tenacity I achieved a dream – not of being the number one tennis player in the world, not playing Davis Cup for my country, but simply to be able to call myself a professional tennis player and achieve the elusive single ATP tennis point. Having let go of the fear of having an anxiety attack, I now play tennis for the love of the game and my life is forever changed.

What I’ve come to realize is that we are all led by our emotions, and our emotions are what create the experiences we have in our lives. By living in a constant state of fear― whether it’s fear of being judged by others, fear of leaving the house or fear of driving half a mile to your work―us anxious folks start to condition a state of continuous fearful and unfulfilling emotions. Emotions such as regret, unworthiness, overwhelm (how common is this one in today’s world), hopelessness just to name a few.

The most important thing I needed to do before taking part in the new chapter in my life that revolved around natural recovery from health anxiety, was to make a decision. To make a decision that I wouldn’t go another day of my life just coping with and running from my anxiety, to make a decision and come to the realization that I was much better than who I have been for the past 6 debilitating years, trying to come to grips with my fears. Once that decision was made, and I became fed up enough with my condition, the world started to become a little less scary, and recovery was inevitable.


Dennis Simsek is a former professional athlete and passionate CBT practitioner with the #1 health podcast (The Anxiety Guy) for people struggling with GAD/health anxiety. Dennis uses his debilitating 6 year struggle with generalized anxiety as well as proven cognitive behavioral therapy methods to help others heal from their internal struggles. Dennis’s drive is to become the best version of himself so he can help improve the lives of many others worldwide. You can find how more about Dennis on his web site at where you will also find his links for his social media sites.

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  • David Nelson

    I thought I was looking into a mirror as I read your words. For I struggle wondering if i am good enough, if others will like me – once they get to know me. I wonder if I am worthy of love and being connected even to my inner child, to another human and to the universe. Sometimes I think I am not worthy of being connection and don’t like to make myself vulnerable. One day, may I find the courage to be imperfect and the compassion to love myself. Maybe then I shall stop trying to be perfect. Many days I feel shame and fear to feel worthiness. I am a success at everything I do, except feeling a sense of accomplishment. Thanks for your post

    • Dennis Simsek

      David as humans we all must manage our states and do whatever it takes to fuel the states we want to be in. Having 10 experiences, 8 being good, 2 being not so good, many perfectionists or people in low vibration states see the 2 negatives. But then there are those that are clear about who they want to become, consciously step in when their unconscious fear based mind takes over, and begin seeing the 8 positives. I’ve been there, and can say I now see myself as conditioned differently than before.

    • Jo

      Aggressively looking for work and scared I might get an interview lol.

      Shame, fear, worthlessness, I had that day today!

      “Courage to be imperfect” and permission.

      I love that!
      Thank you David.

  • Ann Mandel

    Dennis one of the biggest things that I like is how you give out advice that people don’t normally hear. I can think different and have the tools to approach the challenges: thank you for being real and relatable to others. I share about the podcast and website so much! You are such a great mentor!

    • Dennis Simsek

      One success story over anxiety can trigger a drive within many others Ann. Thank you.

  • Sandip Nayak

    To be able to understand the role of emotions in creating our experiences and taking full responsibility of that fact leads to proper understanding of Anxiety and face it as an warrior. Your story really illustrates that. Thank you so much for helping others realizing this.

  • Dennis Simsek

    Very welcome Sandip thanks for connecting on Twitter my friend.

  • JC

    Dennis, I was lost and on the verge of depression until I found your podcast and website. I did not want to go down the path of medication. Not only was I scared of it but I knew deep inside I could dig myself out but I needed a push. You’ve provided that. Keep doing what you do.

  • Dennis Simsek

    You have the resources within JC, all I had to do was provide the green light for you to turn a victim into a warrior. See you on Twitter.

  • Rich Parsons

    Hi Dennis,
    I have listened to many of your podcasts and YouTube videos and have enjoyed them very much and they have been very helpful.
    I have never heard you mention EMDR. Are you from Milyer with this therapy tool and have you experienced it ?
    This type of therapy has really helped me to sort through traumas that go way back into my childhood .
    Exploring this type of therapy may be helpful to many others as it has help me very much .
    Thank U for your hard-working dedication helping people deal with their anxiety issues .

    • Dennis Simsek

      EMDR is a great physiologically based therapy that works for many people Rich and so happy it worked for you. Keeping to my mentor/coaching ways my methods ares based around CBT but will definitely spend some time on this amazing therapy in the future. Thanks for following my friend truly grateful.

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