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Just by speaking I can break out of my self-made prison.
~June Singer

Superhero blogging is when a guest blogger shares an experience re living with a mental health condition and/or disorder, or someone they care about with a mental health condition and/or disorder, in the blogging section of this site.  Whether they share anonymously or using their full name, I call these guest bloggers Superheroes because I think it takes a lot of courage to talk openly about mental health conditions/disorders and how it affects their lives.  I admire them.

I am looking for guest bloggers who wish to share part of their experience and their wisdom from their journey towards recovery.  I believe that no matter where you are in that journey, you have wisdom to offer.

Steps to becoming a Superhero

Step 1: contact me using the contact form here and tell me what you want to cover in your article.

Step 2: I will reply and then David or I will work with you if need be to ensure your story will be a good fit for this blog.

Step 3: Guest blogging guidelines:

  • You may have up to 2 links in your story and up to 2 links in your bio
  • Submit to me the following via Word; or in email; or draft in WordPress and send me the HTML:
    • article of your personal story and wisdom (less than 1500 words).  Original content only please!
    • short bio (optional if you wish to post anonymously)
  • We will work together on editing your article and coming up with the headline.
  • We will select an image we think depicts your post.
  • I will send you the link once published.  If you did not post anonymously, please use this link to promote and enlist comments from your peeps
  • I ask that you do your best to reply to comments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form here.

Do you want to engage the MHT audience with your story?

Here are some tips on how to do just that!

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First-time blogger or guest blogger?

I welcome you.  When you contact me to guest blog, please let me know it is your first time and I will be happy to mentor you through the process.

“I should not have been surprised that I surprised myself, but I did and I was!  As a perfectionist, I am continually asking myself the question “Why did I do that?” The problem is I am usually asking that question as an accusation. Naturally my answers are usually defensive or dismissive and I don’t learn anything. The unanswered questions contribute to my anxiety which in turn results in behaviors that beg those questions again.  However, when I was asked a similar question with the intent that someone else might gain from the response, the answer turned out to be more illuminating.  When Trish asked me to write about my anxiety and why I quit my job, I was flattered but uncertain if I would like the result. I wrote a first draft. When she asked more questions such as how I felt before and after I quit my job and why my anxiety lifted when I did, I had to give some real thought to the answers. I was somewhat surprised by the answers I came up with.  So when I ask myself “Why did I agree to contribute to this site?” I can say “I wanted to do good”. And when I ask “Did I do good?” I can say “Yes I did” because even if no one else learns anything from my piece, I did, and that is good.  Thank you Tricia for the opportunity to learn something about myself.  So if Tricia asks you to contribute something, consider doing it. Don’t be surprised if you surprise yourself. I did.”~ David T.