An odyssey of life: a video interview with Deborah L. Parker

Never count yourself out because other people will. ~ Deborah

In this 15 minute interview,  Deborah talks about her experience with depression and how her last low moment, led her to more purpose in her life and her career.

Deborah shares with us:

  • the circumstances that started to fall apart and how she found herself not liking who she was
  • the attitude and expectations of her friends and family
  • her wandering phase; trying to find the right course for herself
  • the details around her wake-up call
  • her experience with stigma
  • how her life and relationships shifted through recovery
  • insightful advice that is invaluable to everyone


What do you think?

We would love to hear from you in the comments below…

What has been your experience with depression?  What was your wake-up call?

Do you have any questions or feedback for Deborah?


Deborah L. ParkerDeborah L. Parker is a speaker and author who sees herself as using the wits and gifts that God gave her to help others professionally and personally. She is a person of faith, having been raised by a determined single mother in the home of her wise grandparents, who planted the importance of a strong belief system in her. Deborah’s career life has taken her to positions in the army, corporate companies and now she owns a leadership and personal development company, The DPJ Training Group. Along the way Deborah has encountered various setbacks in her family, career, health and relationships, but God has seen her through. Putting all of these experiences together, she published a motivational memoir last year entitled, “Navigating Life’s Roadways: Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey”, which has been well-received by many readers of all backgrounds. She shares a lot about her personal history in this book, to include honoring the memories and lessons from her family, local and national heroes that provide her a sense of identity and strength.

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  • Rachel Miller

    Deborah is so inspirational. Her bravery in speaking out is a real light, and the way she has followed her own path, turning her experience into something positive by helping others.

    I totally agree with what she says about making yourself a priority. I’m FINALLY doing that and I feel my zest for life returning!

    Thanks for speaking out Deborah!

    Nice work on the camera Trish, lovely to “see” you!


  • Deborah Parker


    Thanks for your encouraging coments. Glad to hear about the return of the Zest! We owe being number 1 to ourselves.



  • David T

    Wonderful interview! I am so impressed of how you can talk about the stigma of mental health issues with a smile. Along with your positive message the smile clearly demonstrates the stigma can be overcome! It is also great to hear the importance of putting oneself first from someone who has still maintained a sense of responsibility to others.

    Thanks Deborah!

    David T

  • Deborah Parker

    David T

    Much appreciation for your feedback on the interview. The smile is important, yet not always easy. Realizing that each day I take a good step through this journey keeps it there!

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