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The toll OCD takes

I haven’t felt I was worthy enough sharing the darker sides of my OCD (namely the effect it has on me) and the fact that since my last article, I haven’t gotten any better. As my OCD takes a much tighter hold on me, though, I find the need to be honest—honest about my frustration and my pain, so you can be honest about yours. One of the most powerful things for me is the solace found in knowing you have allies when you feel lost and helpless—when you feel out of control.

~ Shana Herron

Living with OCD

When people hear the term “OCD” they often do not visualize the internal battle, the root of the rituals and the fixations. They don’t visualize the torment that leads people to say things repeatedly, to write things repeatedly, and to turn lights off and on repeatedly, in order to achieve a sense of relief from the responsibility of ensuring that something is done “just right”. To quiet the anxiety of doom. Shana Herron wants to shed light—to pull back the curtain–on this aspect of obsessive compulsive disorder. She wants to reveal her struggle.