Trigger Warning


The aim of this site is to tell our experiences with honesty. Therefore, some blog posts may trigger an adverse reaction. If a post is beginning to upset you, I advise that you please stop reading it immediately and talk to your support team.

I am not responsible for your reaction or resulting behaviour in regards to any of the posts or comments on this site.

Lots of people have opinions about mental health conditions and disorders and I am very happy that they chose my site to express them.  I do want to say though that I don’t necessarily agree with all of the opinions shared in the Superhero guest blogger posts or the comments.

I am not a doctor or therapist or expert on mental health conditions & disorders.  I really don’t want to be any of these things.  Also, I can honestly say that none of the guest bloggers (Superheroes) are an expert in you. Like my psychiatrist says, every case of mental health is unique and complicated.

I encourage you to consider only what feels best to you and to consult with your doctor, medical professional, mental health practitioner, and/or support team before doing anything that might jeopardize your physical, emotional, spiritual or mental health.

‘Nuff said.