Depression is stealing my social life

The other day, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and I saw a tweet that got me thinking more about my depression than I ever had before. It said, in essence, that depression isn’t being perpetually sad. It’s being continually numb. That definitely hit me hard, as I’d never sat back and evaluated exactly how I felt or how it might be affecting the relationships in my life. I know that I’d never really had a long-term romantic interest, but I never thought to connect that to my mental health.

Autism and depression

“From my earliest memories, I have always felt out of place in this world. A secret knowing, that the one I came from before I entered this life is much better. A part of me that wishes I would go to sleep and never wake up again. Not because I don’t want to live, but because this world wasn’t made for me. It takes so much effort for me to face the sensory onslaught and social nuances each day. So much energy, to just live one day. I get tired.” ~ Superhero Guest Blogger, Mikhaela Ackerman

Post-divorce depression

“I have always prided myself in being an effortlessly positive person. Of course I have had bad days and known sadness. I have failed tests, fallen out with friends and grieved the death of my dearest grandparents, but I have always taken bad periods in stride.

I was surprised when my divorce knocked me for six.”

~Superhero Guest Blogger, Dr. Isabelle Hung

Depression :: my story

One day, while driving home by myself, a passenger showed up in my car. Unannounced and uninvited, the passenger sat down with me and told me, “If you drive your car into that tree over there, everything will be better.” The passenger’s words were disturbing, and I sat there stunned. Who was this passenger, and why was the passenger saying these upsetting things to me?