My trip through the black hole of anxiety

“I’ve often referred to my anxiety as being like a black hole, one that lurks deep within your mind. You’ll have something that you need to say or do and no amount of will power in the world can get it across the boundary of being a thought to being an action. Instead, the anxiety black hole just spins it around and around in your head so that all the thoughts play over and over again. You quite quickly lose sight of when you should say/do something and when you shouldn’t.” ~ Cameron Madden

The straight and narrow path :: my atypical mental health story of discovery

Alishia Dauterive learned early there are a bunch of names for a bunch of mental health conditions. But she never believed herself sick or disordered just because some manual told her she should. And she learned through peer support that there is more to this thing we call recovery than the straight and narrow path we’re often forced down.