Must I? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

By Paul Illidge I must. How many times a day do I hear that question in my head, always answering the same way in my subconscious, if not to myself out loud: I must! The musts dominate my life, as they do the lives of the millions of people living with obsessive-compulsive disorder which, according to the American Psychiatric Association, has become “One of the leading mental health issues of our time”.   What is OCD, as it’s called in the Diagnostic […]

The toll OCD takes

I haven’t felt I was worthy enough sharing the darker sides of my OCD (namely the effect it has on me) and the fact that since my last article, I haven’t gotten any better. As my OCD takes a much tighter hold on me, though, I find the need to be honest—honest about my frustration and my pain, so you can be honest about yours. One of the most powerful things for me is the solace found in knowing you have allies when you feel lost and helpless—when you feel out of control.

~ Shana Herron