MONKEYTRAPS 101 :: Lesson 1: The Monkey (video)

I’m one busy monkey. ~ Bert

What does a monkey have to do with your mental health?

Find out in this 2nd post in the series.

In this short video:

  • you will be introduced to Bert and who he really is;
  • find out why and what Bert is so busy controlling; and
  • determine if you recognize a “Bert” in your own life.

Bert (and Steve) are looking for feedback on this lesson.  You can think of it as an opportunity to evaluate the teacher.

We’d also be happy to hear about your experience with your “Bert”.

Please share in the comments below.

Have you read the introduction to this series yet?  Read it here.


Steve HauptmanSteve Hauptman, LCSW is a Gestalt-flavored psychotherapist on Long Island, and the creator of the blogs Monkeytraps, Monkey House and Bert’s Therapy. He is also the author of a new book, Monkeytraps: Why everybody tries to control everything and how we can stop, currently being serialized at

Steve has done a number of guest posts of MHT. You can read more from him here.

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  • Julie

    Wonderful. Effective.
    Thank you.

  • Laura Zera

    Really well done! Good timing on the transitions and love the music and humor. Eep eep. And I’m working hard on getting my inner monkey to chill out. Meditation and mindfulness work are helping with that.

  • Phil

    Love it. Thanks! I stumbled on to this after learning about monkey traps while reading about Mindfulness. I’m an LCSW, too, and enjoy finding metaphors and other tools clients can use to help them loosen up and free themselves from holding on too tightly (eep. eep.).

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