MONKEYTRAPS 101 :: Lesson 2: The Addiction (video)

We are all addicted to control. ~ Bert

I hope you enjoyed the first lesson and are eager to get into the second.

In this short video, Bert teaches:

  • the First Law we need to know to be emotionally healthy;
  • what “in control” looks like in our lives; and
  • how our natural tendencies to want to control are an addiction.

Again we are looking for your opinion, so please don’t be shy (Bert doesn’t bite).

What did you think of Bert’s lesson?  What has been your experience with the control addiction?

Please leave your feedback in the comments below.


Have you read the introduction and viewed Bert’s first lesson yet?  You’ll want to catch up here.


Steve HauptmanSteve Hauptman, LCSW is a Gestalt-flavored psychotherapist on Long Island, and the creator of the blogs Monkeytraps, Monkey House and Bert’s Therapy. He is also the author of a new book, Monkeytraps: Why everybody tries to control everything and how we can stop, currently being serialized at

Steve has done a number of guest posts of MHT. You can read more from him here.

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  • Earla Dunbar

    well done – loving this format

  • Laura Zera

    Okay, so you’ve drawn me in to come back for lesson #3 because at this point I’m not convinced by your hypothesis, or I don’t understand enough of your hypothesis — not sure which. p.s. There’s a typo — accommodate is missing an ‘m’ about halfway through the video.

  • Steve & Bert

    Thanks, Laura, for pointing out the typo (Bert makes them when stressed) and for being drawn in. Hope you stay that way through Lesson 3, which has been briefly postponed while we work to make it more reader-friendly. Meanwhile feel free to ask questions here, if you like, and either Bert or I will reply (depending on which of us feels more intelligent that day).
    ~ Steve

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