“This was the first time I told my story for everyone to hear.  My story wasn’t an in depth depiction of my situation but sharing some of my fears for all felt good.  Also, seeing that many people share the same feelings as I do was comforting that I am not alone.  I always knew I wasn’t alone, however the stories on this blog site is like group therapy.  Being that I do not always do well in groups, this site is a refreshing alternative.   Having accepted my mental illness, I carry on the best I can.  I will continue visiting this site to gain further insight from real life experiences by Trish and her Guest Bloggers.” ~ JL

Depression is stealing my social life

The other day, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and I saw a tweet that got me thinking more about my depression than I ever had before. It said, in essence, that depression isn’t being perpetually sad. It’s being continually numb. That definitely hit me hard, as I’d never sat back and evaluated exactly how I felt or how it might be affecting the relationships in my life. I know that I’d never really had a long-term romantic interest, but I never thought to connect that to my mental health.