Wisdom: a video interview with Denny

…just because you have mental health issues doesn’t mean you are any less of a person or can’t do things like anyone else. ~ Denny

Denny is a mental health survivor.  She decided to do this interview with me so she could share her experiences and insights in order to help others.

In this interview, Denny discusses:

  • the misunderstanding around mental illness and how she combats the stigma
  • the insights she has to offer others on feeling alone
  • what she does when she sees and hears things that aren’t real
  • putting help from the medical professional into perspective
  • the practices she uses to stay connected and care for herself
  • suicide

I’d love to hear from you.  What is your feedback on this interview?  Please use the comments below to tell me what you think and I will be sure to pass it along to Denny.

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  • Bethany Lee

    Wow! This was a beautiful interview, and Denny was/is very brave for opening herself up to share her experiences. It was good to hear that she learned to recognize and accept that sometimes she heard things that weren’t there, but that she didn’t get down on herself because it happened. It just is what it is, right? I hope a lot more people watch this interview, especially people like Denny was when she was 21 and was first diagnosed and felt “so alone.” I think if they heard this, they would feel hope. Thank you Denny, for reminding us to stay strong and to keep fighting the good fight. Thank you thank you thank you.
    I will definitely share this on my facebook page.

    • Trish

      Hi Bethany. I love your blog (inspiring!) and so happy to see you stop by MHT. Thank you for your feedback and for sharing on your facebook page. Denny doesn’t have direct access to a computer so I will be sharing your comment when I call her next. I will be sure she gets it.


  • The Bipolar Project

    Hi Denny and Trish,

    First of all to my friend Trish – thank you for allowing people like Denny the opportunity to come forward and speak about their experiences, and thank you for providing us with videos. This was heartfelt and true and I am so pleased I watch it.

    Also to Denny, you are so brave to make a video about your experiences. Many of the topics you touched on are so important. I repeatedly hear that people often feel very alone and that mental health professionals don’t understand mental illness. I agree with you and I can assure you that I am one baby mental health professional who will try my very hardest to understand, and promote understanding in others.

    With regard to your mention of suicide, I found your words to be simple and straightforward yet so effective. “Stay strong. Fight the good fight” – these are brilliant words. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

    – Sara

    • Trish

      Thank you Sara for your wonderful feedback and for your kind words. I am so glad you are a part of the MHT community.

      It is funny because when I shared this interview on facebook, I also called it “heartfelt”. Denny really wants to talk to people about what she has learned and this was her first experience at doing so. I think she did really, really well. I am honoured to be a catalyst for creating the opportunity to have her wisdom reach others.

      Denny does not have direct access to a computer but when I phone her next, I will pass along your comment.

      Love to you my friend,

  • Richard

    Thank you Denny so much for your interview. I felt this resonated with me because I have had thoughts of suicide and my imagination was running away with me. Fortunately, I am still here and am recovering from my mental health issues. I may not have the same symptoms as you, but I know and am aware of what it is like to be labelled as a mental person, slow, crazy and lost and a person society should stay away from. When I was a child and was in grade school, I was in a classroom with such people, they were no different than me; I had the berating and heckling from classmates. I did not like it at all, sometimes I would cry on my way home.

    My main point is, I did feel something come from you and was very grateful and blessed, because the world is a better place for people like you. this did indeed take courage on your part and I think God was shinning upon you as always and you are indeed an inspiration for us all. I know that there is hope for someone like me whose had to ‘fight the fight’ and always came up short because of my erratic behaviour. I am a survivor and will not only win the battle, I will conquer the war.

    I am a emotional person who has been diagnosed with ADD and passive-aggressive disorder.

    • Trish

      Thank you Richard for your heartfelt and honest comment. Denny does not have access to a computer but I will give her a call this week and let her know what you wrote. Much love to you.

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